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Segregation Measures


  • White-Black Segregation
  • White-Asian Segregation
  • White-Hispanic Segregation


This site shows census trends for states, cities and metropolitan areas to provide context for the New 2010 Census releases. The focus on the data released from February and March will be on population trends by race-ethnicity including residential segregation measures for states, cities, and metropolitan areas.

The Census Bureau has planned releases starting February 4, 2011, and continuing through the last week of March 2011. These data will be released several states at a time. When data for a state are available, it will be indicated in the map to the left and on the table below. Please use the links in the table to find the data for individual states.

When all states are available, we will make full national-level tables available on this page.

Please check often as updates will be added as census data becomes released.

For earlier census trends, see the main page

*Funding for CensusScope is provided by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the National Science Foundation (grant #0816517).