The original CensusScope was designed, developed, and programmed by associates of SSDAN in 2001. It was designed to be a tool in exploring demographic trends in the United States, with the ability to select any state, county, or metro area for further analysis.  Since the site was launched, it has received numerous awards and reviews. In the summer of 2002, CensusScope was selected as a "Yahoo! Picks" site of the day, a USA Today "Hot Site", and was featured on National Public Radio. Read more on what people have said about the original CensusScope.

The new version of CensusScope builds upon the original version and utilizes new technology to provide interactive and visually appealing displays of US Census and American Community Survey data.  Currently, maps and data may be viewed on the national, state, or county level, with plans to provide data on metro areas in the future.

The new version of CensusScope's beta release occurred in February 2012.  The CensusScope team plans to publicly launch the website in May 2012.  To stay informed on CensusScope's progress, go to CensusScope and sign up for our newsletter in the lefthand column.