Preliminary Results from Census 2010

Preliminary Results from Census 2010

The results from the 2010 Census began trickling in starting mid-December 2010 when the state population counts were released as part of the reapportionment process.

In February 2011, the Census Bureau began releasing race and ethnicity data for the total population and for the voting age population as part of US Public Law 94-171.  These data, known as PL94-171 data or redistricting data, were the first major release offering population counts, race/ethnic counts, and race/ethnic counts of children and adults for all levels of geography--the nation, states, cities, metropolitan areas, counties, and even smaller areas.  The PL94-171 data, like the Demographic Profile and Summary File data later, had a rolling release lasting nearly two months with several new states available each week. 

While the redistricting data offered a wealth of data to investigate--which areas grew and shrank, the large growth of the Hispanic and Asian populations, the increase of minorities in suburbs, and much more--the release only had counts for two variables (race/ethnicity and a crude age measure). The next product set, known as the Demographic Profile, had a great deal more including household and family details, counts on Asian and Hispanic subgroups, and greater detail for age.  From these data we were able to see changes in median age, median household size, the growth in the Asian Indian population, shrinking family sizes, vacancy rates for different types of household units, and more.

By the end of August 2011, the Census Bureau finished releasing Summary File 1, which allowed even deeper detail on all of these measures.  We've been able to look the racial/ethnic composition of the population for individual years of age, counts for families of different sizes, counts of same-sex headed households, household types by race, and still more.  

Below are some of the highlights of these releases:

  • Median Age by County, 2010 - map
  • Change in Median Age, 2010 - map
  • Married-Couple Families, 2010 - map
  • Same-Sex Partner Households, 2010 - map
  • Majority-Minority Counties, 2010 - map
  • Majority-Minority Under Age 1 Year, 2010 - map
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