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In 2000, 64 percent of Americans over 65 lived with one or more related family members. Of those not living in family households, most lived alone. In fact, 28.2 percent of Americans 65 and older lived alone in 2000. This may indicate a need for better social networks for the aged population.

About 4.7 percent of aged Americans lived in institutionalized group quarters, which include nursing homes, mental hospitals, and correctional facilities. Stewart County, Georgia had the highest proportion of institutionalized aged people with one in every five persons in the county living in institutionalized group quarters.

The remaining 3.1 percent of aged Americans lived in non-family households or non-institutionalized group quarters, which include college dormitories, military barracks, group homes, missions, and shelters.

Household Type of the Aged, 2000
Number Percent
Population Age 65 and over 212,490 100.00%
In Households 203,530 95.78%
Family Households 141,225 66.46%
Householder 78,326 36.86%
Spouse 49,454 23.27%
Parent 7,235 3.40%
Other relative 5,423 2.55%
Non-relative 787 0.37%
Non-family Household 62,305 29.32%
Householder, Non-family Household, Living Alone 57,423 27.02%
Householder, Non-family Household, Two or More Persons 2,823 1.33%
Non-relative in Non-family Household 2,059 0.97%
In Group Quarters 8,960 4.22%
Institutionalized 6,899 3.25%
Non-institutionalized 2,061 0.97%

* Relationship of persons in family households is determined by relationship to the householder.

Source: Census 2000 analyzed by the Social Science Data Analysis Network (SSDAN).

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