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CensusScope is a product of the Social Science Data Analysis Network.


What are people saying about CensusScope?

CensusScope has been featured, reviewed, and referenced on hundreds of websites, tv and radio programs, and print publications. Teachers, librarians, journalists, and the general public are using the site in array of activities. The following is a sampling of what people are saying:

Awards and TV/Radio Coverage

Our World's Website of the Week!
"An example of how the presentation of information can make all the difference in how well it's understood."

CensusScope was a Yahoo! Pick of the Day.
"If you'd like to get your hands on the raw numbers, there's no better spot than this site."

CensusScope was also a USA TODAY Hot Site of the day.
"Search through the reams and reams of census data on U.S. demographic trends with CensusScope, which serves up handy charts and graphs..."

TV coverage of CensusScope has included spots and references from C-SPAN's Washington Journal and the New England Cable News.

CensusScope has been covered on National Public Radio's All Things Considered and the Todd Mundt Show, as well as numerous local programs.


In August of 2002, CensusScope was featured on the Eisenhower's National Clearinghouse's "Digital Dozen".
Recommended Grade Levels: 6 - Post Secondary

CensusScope was featured on NET-HAPPENINGS, an email list for educators from Classroom.com

The site was a "Hot Site" on Pacific Bell's Blue Web'n list of educational websites.
"...Students can use it to better understand graphs and the power of explaining complex data in a graphic form."
Recommened Grade Levels: Elementary, Middle School, High, School, College, Adult/Professional

Teachersfirst.com reviewed CensusScope
"...this site offers a wealth of graphs, charts, and data that students can use to analyze America's demographics...there is also enough data to create exercises and activities...There are a number of possibilities for social studies, math, or statistics in this one."

The Online Educator highlighted CensusScope in June 2002
"Math teachers, History teachers, and even Geography teachers can make use of this easy-to-use tool...The maps are GREAT..."


Charles Bowen evaluated the site's value for Editor & Publisher at www.mediainfo.com
"...a tool that makes swift analysis of data for states, counties, and metropolitan areas...Easily navigable, the site's charts and maps are concise and comprehensive, and the rankings are easy to follow." (Bowen, Charles. "CensusScope Makes Swift Analysis of Data." Editor & Publisher. July 2, 2002)

CenusScope has been referenced on a number of other sites and journalism related resources including www.journaliststoolbox.com and Al Tompkins: A Jump Start on the News.


Research Buzz, a website and email list for librarians, reviewed CensusScope
From "CensusScope Slices and Dices Census Data," "...if you're into census data and you like charting and mapping your numbers, you're going to enjoy CensusScope."

The Scout Report said the following about CensusScope:
"...an excellent resource site for anyone interested in national statistics and analysis."

Library Spot picked CensusScope as their Site of the Month in June of 2002.
"...CensusScope offers students, policymakers and the merely curious an interactive site that delivers data for Census 2000..."


CEOExpress.com featured CensusScope as a resource to busy executives

Business Thinker's Digest, Larry Chase's Web Digest for Marketers, and finance writer Errold F. Moody have all recommended CensusScope.

If you are interested in knowing what people look at when using CensusScope, you should view our "site maps":these are the states, counties, and metro areas most popular with CensusScope users.

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