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CensusScope is a product of the Social Science Data Analysis Network.


Use Policy for CensusScope

A goal of CensusScope and the Social Science Data Analysis Network (SSDAN) is to make U.S. census data accessible to policymakers, educators, the media, and informed citizens. To this end, we encourage you to use the charts, maps, rankings and data on our site. We do, however, ask that you adhere to the following policies:

  • For one-time or occasional use, we simply require that you visibly display: "Source: censusscope.org" on each graphic that you use as part of a handout, publication or presentation.
  • For those needing complete references, we recommend: censusscope.org. Social Science Data Analysis Network, University of Michigan. www.ssdan.net.
  • For more extensive use, we request that you inform us of the use in advance and provide appropriate citations as described above.

SSDAN is a university-based organization that depends on small grants to support our student staff and projects like CensusScope. We therefore encourage public visibility of our site in attempts to attract continued funding. If you are interested in contributing to the efforts of SSDAN or in supporting CensusScope, please contact us via our contact page.

Thanks for your interest in CensusScope!